CORPORATE TKC Endüstriyel was established in Istanbul in 2010 to meet the valve and actuator needs of industrial companies with the experience gained in the long-term trade life.

Our company has continued its investments with the aim of 100% customer satisfaction with the experience it has gained in the sectors it produces solutions and its forward-thinking professional staff, and it has adopted the principle of providing faster and more economical conditions with its stable growth policy and technology it has. With the product quality and price performance it has achieved since the day it was founded, it has managed to become one of the important companies in the sector in a short time.

TKC Endüstriyel is committed to providing superior service in the sector with business principles in accordance with international standards and customer demands, and produces products suitable for your needs in Butterfly Valve, Pneumatic - Electric Actuator, Gear Box, Check Valve, Stainless Ball Valve groups.

The 2,500 m² production facility located in Istanbul İkitelli industrial zone offers you high quality products with faster and more economical conditions, with its proximity to critical points.

Our company works with the principles of systematic, transparent, following technology closely, valuing people and their environment, reliable and customer satisfaction oriented.

Growing and developing without compromising its goals and principles, TKC Endüstriyel will continue its activities and investments as a sought-after brand in Turkey and foreign markets.
Our Mission
We are TKC, we are here to meet the industrial product demands of the world that lies ahead and changes rapidly. Wherever you operate in the world, regardless of the industries you serve, our reach, resources and product quality performance will increase your business efficiency and speed.

Our Vision

We are working to shape the future.
TKC ENDÜSTRİYEL works to overcome the problems in all sectors it serves and to continue its innovative, high quality and high performance production approach with the principle of sustainability. Our aim as a company that offers industrial valve products to its customers in the sectors we provide solutions; To increase our brand awareness by delivering the products we have developed for the textile, automation, chemistry, oil and paper industry to many companies in Turkey and to become a company that produces solutions to the world in the field we operate by globalizing in the coming years.
The success of our company is based on its commitment to our company's core values. All of our business activities and relationships with our business partners are complemented by our corporate values that set us apart from our competitors and help us deliver the best possible performance to our partners.

Customer Focus

We aim to be a competent development partner to meet the needs of our customers with expertise and produce innovative products. With our solution-oriented professional production approach, we are determined to offer you the most appropriate service for your business processes rather than selling a product.
Bringing the focus of customer satisfaction to the top is based on our high-quality product portfolio and close cooperation with our customers, as well as our knowledge and many years of experience.

Quality and Continuity

We always follow the highest standards. We strive to be known for our quality, production power and product designs, and we know that; In order to ensure the continuity of quality service, researching, learning and applying it in the best way brings development.

Transparency, Integrity and Business Ethics

In order to fulfill the responsibility to future generations and to create a better quality working environment; We are diligently committed to respect, morality, justice, goodwill and the need to work in compliance with the law in all our business dealings.

Our employees are the key to our success.

Therefore, today more than ever, we need a qualified workforce and experience. The commitment, passion, knowledge and professional skills of our employees are essential for the success of our company.Our company, which updates its conditions in order to increase the work efficiency of our employees and to prepare a working environment that will make them happy, believes that experience and quality are transferred from people to products, from products to services and to customer satisfaction.